This is 'Pause', a short that I made for the Reduction Festival make-a-film-in-week challenge.  I got the brief on Friday night then had to deliver the finished film the following Friday... And on the Sunday got the news that it'd won the top prize.  I'm particulary proud of the jackhammer sound effect - a mixture of a police helicopter and me rattling a pen in a teacup...

This is 'Common Sense', a short I made for fun.  I'm just a sucker for those sentimental homicidal clowns.



I started off in animation by making short films for Channel 4 (including several award winners) and still enjoy making them for festivals or just to try ideas out.  

This is 'The Fat Cat', which won the jury prize at Depict 2012 at he Bristol Encounters Festival.  It's a one minute response to the financial crisis etched in wax.