'Clangers' 52x11 min series for CBeebies produced at Factory for Coolabi, co-directed with Chris Tichborne.  BAFTA and Broadcast award winner for Best Preschool Programme.


'Sun+' pixelation for Partizan (dir Chris Cairns)

'JRF' Flash animation fo rthe Red Agency

Animation workshop in Mahdia, Tunisia for the British Council.

Animation on John Lewis 'What Matters' commercial for Blink Productions (dir Dougal Wilson)

Animation on 'Amouges - Fate' for Hello Productions (dir Lewis Kyle White)

Flash animatics for 'Calamity Island' for Famous Flying Films (dir David Johnson)

'Unite' Flash animation for Neontetra Films.

Animation on Postman Pat/Toby's Travelling Circus for Mackinnon and Saunders Productions.


Animation and direction of 'The Fat Cat', winner of the 2012 Depict award at Encounters, Bristol.

Animation on 'Thibault' for Rogue Films (dir Finn McGough)

Animation on 'Paytag' for Stamp Films (dir Lewis Kylie White)

'Penny Arcade' BAA Award winning Sting for British Animation Awards 2012 (with Chris Tichborne)

Animation on 'Tesco F&F' commercial for Rogue Films (dir Henrik Hallgren)

Direction and animation on OOGlies for Ko-lik Films

Animatics for 'OOglies' interstitials for BBC Scotland

Animation on 'Ben and Jerries' for Brand New School (Dir Dennis Ho).


Animation for 'Velvet' (Partizan) dir Geffroy de Crecy

'E4-lution' sting shortlisted (with Chris Tichborne)

'Frankenweenie' animation and testing.

Animation for 'Nationwide' commercial (Partizan)

Animation on 'One BBC' for BBC TV

Animation on Cartoon Network Idents for Clapham Rd Studios London.

'Happy Families - Mr Pygg' Short.


Flash animation for 'The One Show' Bradford Animation item, BBC TV.

Animation on 'Mirror/Lego Promotion' commercial for Partizan

3d software animation testing for LiveFrame

Animation on 'Brother' commercial for Blink Productions

Claymation on 'Old Harry's Game' pilot for Flickerpix

Animation on McCains wedges for Partizan

'Piaget - Pandora' prize winning viral for Eyeka

'Tatty Bumpkin' - character design for Loose Moose

'Happy Families - Mrs Rutt'. Short


Animation on Creme Egg commercials for Partizan.

Character design for 'Doc Rox' BBC Scotland.

'Common Sense' Flash animated short.

Animation director/animator on 'Ooglies' (26x15') for CBBC

Storyboard/Animatics on 'Ooglies' for BBC Scotland '


Animation on 'Creme Egg' commercials for Partizan.

'Pause' - Award-winning short (Reduction 7-day film challenge) for Natural England.

'The Werburgoose' - Art video for Chester Performs.

'Busy Boats' character design for Mason/Mcbride

'Iron Bridge' shortlisted for HYPtv Skyscraper project

'Mr Peep' (short) Winner of Atom Uploads Showdown May '08

Happy Families - Mrs Quill.  short

Happy Families - Mr Flagg.  short.

Animation on 'Twisted' commercials for Partizan  

Animation on 'Creme Egg' commercials for Partizan.

Animation on 'Roary' for Cosgrove Hall Films.



Animation on 'Rupert the Bear' for Cosgrove Hall Films

Character Design on 'No Cookies for Trollz' for EM Entertainment.

Animation on 'Fifi' for Cosgrove Hall Films

Animation on Dairylea Cheese ads for Partizan Lab


Animation on 'Rupert the Bear' for Cosgrove Hall Films

Animation on Dairylea Cheese ads for Partizan Lab

Animation on Apetina Feta ads for Partizan Lab

Design for 'Jacobs Coffee' for Partizan Lab

Animating short for CoG ltd (work in progress)

Co-produced 'The Magic Gloves' a short for CoG ltd by John and Ben Harmer.



Directing and designing 'Yoho Ahoy', a 52x5' stop-frame series for BBC Worldwide.  Winner of the Banff award for animation 2001.

Development and animation on 'Pettiville' and 'Thingies' for CoG ltd.



Development and Pilot on 'Yoho Ahoy' for CoG.

Design on 'Jekyll and Hyde' for Pepper's Ghost


Directing and animation on 'PB Bear and Friends', a 30x5' stop-frame series for Dorling Kindersley Vision



'Dr Vesalius' - Short for BFI and LFDF

'Fly...' - Public information short for Barnardos

'Loss Adjuster' - Live action short for C4

'Bo' - Sting for MTV (with British Volcanic)

'Get Back' - Pop vid for Oil Factory (with British Volcanic)

'Smart' -Title sequence for BBC

'Daniel come to Judgement' - stage play (dir/des)

'Corn Oil' - 4x30" commercials for Storm prods

'Heart and Soul' - Award winning title sequence for Tandem Films

'On My Mind' - pop video for East West Records

'Cross Bones' - 6x5' series for C4

'The Golem' - Short for C4

'Criminal Justice' - Short for C4

'Members Only' - Award winning Short for C4

'Noblesse Oblige' - Short for C4

'Last Respects' - Award winning Short for C4


Born in 1966 I have worked in animation since making my first film 'Last Respects' in 1980.  This won several awards and was subsequently bought by Channel 4 with whom I went on to make a number of short films.  These led to directing and animating commercials, title sequences and pop videos.  I have directed children's  series, including the BAFTA award winning 'Clangers' alongside working as a freelance animator.


Radio Times

My one, and no doubt only,

appearance in the Radio Times (from December 1993)...